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What are the election and voting procedures of an association?

Candidates for office must have equal access to association media and common area meeting space. The association must specify the qualifications for candidates, the qualifications for voting, the method of selecting a third party independent inspector of elections, the requirements for a secret ballot, the requirements for proxies, the time period for delivery of ballots to members, the mechanism by which ballots are returned by members, and the method of reporting of the votes of the election to the board of directors and the members.


See also: Wittenberg v. Beachwalk Homeowners Association (2013) 217 Cal. App. 654 (equal access for election campaigning); Friars Village Homeowners Association v. Hansing (2013) (related Board members); and Fourth La Costa Condominium Owners Association v. Seith (2008) 159 Cal. App. 4th 563 (reduced percentage of vote required to amend CC&Rs).