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Access to Records

Is the Association required to provide the owner with financial records?

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Is it mandatory that a representative of the association meet to resolve a dispute?

Architectural Approval

Resolving a dispute when building a second story.

Boundary and Easement Disputes

Examples of common property owner boundary disputes.

Demand Letter

What should go into a demand letter from your Attorney?

Disputes over Rules and Regulations

Can the Association deny you the right to rent your property?

Fines and Assessments

Are the fines or assessments excessive?

Leaks Between Walls and Floors

Are leaks between walls and floors covered by insurance?

Limitation of Discretionary Spending by the BOD

Can my Board of Directors spend money without my approval?

Maintenance Responsibilities

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the area outside of my unit?

Recall of Board of Directors

What is the procedure for recalling a Board of Director?

Representing Property Owners Disputes

Are there many residents who live in a homeowners association?

Responsibility of Exclusive Use Area

Who is responsible of certain exclusive use areas in your community?

SLAPP Statute

Does it apply to Homeowners Associations?

Types of Property Owner Disputes

What documents are involved in a homeowner dispute?

"View" Cases

Do I have a right to a "view"?

What are the Issues to Consider for Litigation?

When do I have a case?

What are the Troubling Issues Concerning Attorneys' Fees?

Am I liable for Attorney's fees?

What is ALTERNATE Dispute Resolution?

When is it required?