Land use and zoning.

You own vacant land that is zoned for apartment usage. You wish to construct a building consisting of 20 apartment units. The city decides it has too many apartments in this area and restricts you to 5 apartment units. We assist you in arguing your case against the city in order to allow you to construct the 20 units you are seeking.

Eminent domain.

Eminent domain occurs when the city seeks to take your property by condemnation with the understanding that the city will pay you “just compensation.” One issue is whether the city has the authority to take your property by condemnation. The second issue is whether the city is offering you “just compensation.” We represent you against the city in obtaining “just compensation”.

Inverse condemnation.

Inverse condemnation occurs when a city initiates action against your property which damages the property or otherwise reduces the value of your property. This can occur by a physical taking such as a negligently installed drain that floods your property or a regulation, such as a rule that prohibits you from building anything on your property. We assist you in recovering damages from the city for inverse condemnation.

Environmental (adequacy of environmental review).

We assist you in determining whether the governmental review conducted by the environmental agency is adequate.

Permitting and variances.

You own a narrow vacant lot on which you wish to construct a residence that will be narrow and long. The city will not allow you to construct such a house because it requires the house to be wider than your lot. We can assist you in seeking a variance from the city in order to allow you to construct a house on your lot.


You own a 20 acre parcel in the desert that you wish to subdivide so that you can construct a housing tract. The city is requiring that as a condition of the subdivision, you pay the city a fee of $500,000. You object to payment of this fee. We would assist you in determining whether this fee is reasonable and justified. skills, quick response, and straightforward, practical solutions with the highest level of professional integrity. 

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