articles by Barry A. Ross

7 New Legislations Taking Effect In 2020

SB323 (Wieckowski) is new legislation affecting the election of board of directors at homeowners associations.

SB326 (Hill) establishes new requirements for associations to inspect the infrastructure, referenced as elevated structures such as balconies, decks, stairways and railings on a periodic basis.

AB670(Friedman) permits accessory dwelling units within associations, as well as cities, counties, and other jurisdictions.

AB5 (Gonzalez) establishes that persons working for a homeowners association or other business entity will be more likely to be described as an employee than an independent contractor.

SB652 (Allen) requires homeowner associations to allow residents to place religious items on doors and door frames of residences if the items meet certain reasonable size and other criteria established by the association, provided the items are installed based on a sincerely held religious belief.

AB234 (Skinner) expressly states that dwellings, such as condominiums, must be allowed to provide family day care facilities.